There are 5 talents in The Guild. A character's level in a talent is denoted by stars, with 6 being the max level in a talent. Talents can have half stars, for example a character can have 3.5 starts in a talent. Talents can be increased by spending APs to study, reading a Talent Book, or as a child playing with certain toys.

Negotiation Edit

Enables you to sometimes get a deal when buying or selling goods.

Handicraft Edit

The higher this skill is the more efficiently your employees work.

Stealth Edit

Helps with a wide range of things, mostly underhanded, this helps with gambling and cheating in duels, among other things.[What other things?]

Combat Edit

Helps when fighting, raids, attacks, thrashing, kidnapping, and duels.

Rhetoric Edit

Helps with voting, bribery, sermons, creating lampoons, being in court, and duels.