Your character begins with 1 occupation, but can go on to learn other occupations for 8 Action Points in the Privileges screen. Having an occupation allows the constructing and operating of the associated buildings, for example having the Blacksmith occupation allows the building and operating of the foundry.

There are 6 levels to each occupation, with levels 1, 3, and 5 unlocking a new building, and level 6 adding an extra AP per turn. You can advance in level after a certain amount of time by going to your Residence and clicking the painting in the first room for 4 APs.

The expansion pack added the Churchyard Warden, Traveling Entertainer, and Tailor occupations.

Blacksmith Edit

The Blacksmith creates metal objects from iron, silver, and gold. They run the Foundries, Smithies, and Gold Smiths.

Joiner Edit

The Joiner creates wooden objects. They run the Joiners, Turners, and Sawmills.

Stone Mason Edit

The Stone Mason creates stone objects. They run the Bricklayers, Stone Cutters, and Stone Mason's Hut.

Alchemist Edit

The Alchemist creates bombs and potions. They run the Tinctury, Herb Shop, and Alchemist's Parlour.

Perfumer Edit

The Perfumer creates perfumes and poisons. They run the Boilery, Scent Workshop, and Perfumery.

Landlord Edit

The Landlord creates alcoholic drinks and provides gambling in their establishments. They run the Tavern, Public House, and Inn.

Thief Edit

The Thief pickpockets and burglarizes the town. They run the Smuggler's Hole, Hide-Out, and Thieves Guild.

Preacher Edit

The Preacher holds sermons, collects donations, hears confessions and sells indulgences. They also create documents. They run the Church, Abbey, and Cathedral.

Money Lender Edit

The Money Lender provides money services. They run the Money Exchange, Money Lender, and Banking House.

Trader Edit

The Trader buys and sells goods for a profit, especially at long distances. They run the Storage Shed, Storage House, and Storage Hall.

Robber Edit

The Robber extorts, attacks buildings, and waylays transports for profit. They run the Robber Baron's Fortress.

Guardsman Edit

The Guardsman patrols the town, performs inspections, and raids hideouts of thieves and robbers. They run the Guard House, Town Watch, and Garrison.

Churchyard Warden Edit

The Churchyard Warden creates magic objects from materials found in the graveyard and can provide other services to the town. They run the Graveyard, God's Acre, and Churchyard.

Traveling Entertainer Edit

The Traveling Entertainer creates magic objects from natural materials and can place curses on others. They run the Vagabond's Camp, Traveling Entertainer's Camp, and Showmen's Camp.

Tailor Edit

The Tailor creates clothes and leather armor. They run the Sewing-Room, Tailor's Workshop, and Robe Maker's Workshop.